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Hall of Fame: Target Beauty Product Edition

Hall of Fame: Target Beauty Product Edition

Hi guys!

This week I wanted to share some of my absolute, hands down, all time favorite products with you that all pertain to the world of b-e-a-uty. As if that last sentence wasn’t good enough, all these products give you an excuse to hit up everyone’s favorite store; Target (also known as tar-jay). I know, I’m laying it on thick.

I like to try new products as much as the next gal, but seriously if I find something that works absolutely perfect for me, I will rarely if ever change my routine up. Like we’re talking years on end of repurchasing products over here. Hey, at least I’m loyal to the queens in my makeup bag.

Throughout this post I’ll let you know some of my original favorites, some newer and some I wish I found much much earlier than I did. Only so I could love them longer. I throw my debit card if I am within arms length of these products because I have no self control with makeup. Or food, or just Target in general.

Apologies in advance for how long this is. Sue me. But I’m a bit of a makeup fiend and odds are if you clicked on this, you’re one too. Welcome to the party, lets get this rolling.

Facetune_29-04-2019-12-40-40 3.jpg

I have 12 products to share with you guys and they’re all broken down into: eyes, lips and face, so feel free to scroll accordingly to find what you’re looking for!

I’ll also link everything that I talk about at the bottom of this post, just so it’s way easier for you to find later if you need to.

But for now, lets get started since I have a feeling this will be a long one!


Ah, the windows to the soul. If I could pick one product to use for the rest of my life, I would pick either a brow pencil or mascara. My love for eye makeup runs very deep, since it makes such a huge difference since my brows and lashes are naturally super light, I never skimp on an opportunity to slap some of that magic on my face.


DUO Lash Glue

Okay this one is an all-time favorite for me! From high school dances like prom, sorority formals, and any other day I’ve ever worn lashes ever, this is absolutely what I used to apply them.

I don’t know about you but I have trust issues: especially when it comes to that janky little cheap bottle of who-knows-what kind of glue that comes with your lashes. (you know the one). Let’s save ourselves some heartbreak here and level up to an appropriate adhesive that even got my lashes through my wedding day. Impressed yet? This stuff is no joke.

Also I only ever use the clear glue, all based on preference. I don’t like applying it with the black finish glue, because while I was still getting used to applying these babies, and even still now, glue can be messy. It gets on your fingers, eyelids, countertops, etc. if you’re not careful. So I play it safe and always stick with clear, but you can take your personal liberties on this one.

Ardell Demi Wispies

If you’ve ever seen me wear false lashes I can tell you 9/10 times I’m wearing these bad boys. I’ve never had a pair of Ardell lashes that I didn’t like. The brand has a good reputation for a reason: they’re products rock and are made at a super affordable price point but also with quality high enough where you can re-wear your lashes 5+ times with the right TLC.

I found this style of lash about 1-2 years ago now and I’m absolutely their biggest fan. For my eye shape + size, these check every box I need them to from style, size, durability, and make me a little extra flirty inside and out. Lance loves these babies.

ELF Instant Lift Brow Pencil

GUYS. Of all the products I’m telling you about, this is one of my new holy grail products. Best part? IT IS $2. TWO DOLLARS. Stop what you’re doing and buy this. It is worth every penny. All 200 of them. Also let it be known that this is 100% the best dupe I’ve found for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz which retails for $21 and contains HALF the product that ELF does. ABH at 0.003g and ELF at 0.006g. (referenced from Seriously, shall I say more? I think I shall.

I’ve been a eyebrow penciler-inner for a long time, I’m talking 5-6 years, before it got super cool and common to have those brows sister S N A T C H E D.

This ELF brow pencil is all of my favorite things combined: retractable (because who ever has a sharpener when they need one?), shades ranging from blonde (which is my poison of choice) to black and even having an auburn shade, and it’s cost effective and works as well as any other brow pencil I’ve tried. Oh and did I say it’s $2? If you get one product I talk about today, put this bad boy in the running.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cottage Cheese

If you’ve been watching YouTube videos since the stone age of the late 2000’s like this girl has, you definitely have seen this product in action before. These guys were in almost every makeup tutorial I watched in the early days of the internet, where people filmed on flip cams and where editing was non existent.

This is one of my favorites, and one I’ve used off and on in different colors for years. During the phase of cream eyeshadow, I had so many of these guys in pinky tones, brownie tones, black, you name it, to pop on my lid, blend it out with my finger, line my eyes, and I was good to go.

These days my most used shade is pictured above in Cottage Cheese, a light + bright creamy-whitey shade with shimmer. Super easy to use as a base under any eyeshadow look, highlighting my inner corners, or my most used method: water lining my eyes with it. Also I feature this guy in my face favorites because I honestly highlight my face with it when I’m feeling lazy. Nose highlight, cupid’s bow, brow bone: drooling.

I always am going for that doll eyed look with thick dark lashes, pinky cheeks, and bright eyes, and this product definitely makes such a huge difference in my look. This can take you from 5 to 8 hours to sleep in 30 seconds.


If there’s one part of my makeup routine that takes me the longest to execute perfectly: it’s 100% my face products, with brows as a close second. I am a firm believer in starting with a good foundation (literally) before anything else. Having a nice even base as a clean slate to start your artistry is literally

E V E R Y T H I N G.


Maybelline FIT Me Foundation

This foundation has been a newly used + abused product by yours truly. You’ll see I have two colors shown above and two different finishes. I have my everyday shade as 130 in the matte finish and I mix in shade 220 in the dewy finish on days after I’ve recently self tanned, get that matchy-matchy look between my body parts. I have standards.

I originally picked up this foundation on a whim almost solely based on price, and babyyyyy I’m here for this product. Also just putting this out here that this is a very medium coverage foundation, maybe more on the light-medium end of the spectrum. Which personally is my favorite to use day-to-day.

I remember using this foundation back in the day, when it first came out and I remember even liking it back then. So good on you Maybelline, way to make affordable options that actually have a pretty impressive application and wear time.

(I still STAN my L’Oreal as the best foundation I’ve ever tried, but for the same price as 1 L’Oreal, I could get 2 Maybelliene products, which I also am here for.)

Maybelline Master Conceal

This. Concealer. Is. The. Best. It’s a 10/10 from me.

I am obsessed with this concealer on another level. I love this for blemishes, under eye/eyelid, carving out my brows, outlining and edging up lipstick where needed.

I live by shade 20 and have repurchased this product 5+ times in the past year. I bought this to hold me over one day when I ran out of my Shape Tape, but honestly after trying this I never repurchased Shape Tape again.

I think this concealer is definitely a huge bang for your buck and also lets you squeeze out every last drop of product to save even more cash. This is a huge, underrated drugstore gem that you should definitely give a shot. Best drugstore concealer I’ve tried yet.

ELF Baked Highlighter in Moonlight Pearls

This is one of those “I wish I bought sooner” products because, boy do I ever wish I did. I’ve spent years blowing my money on high end level highlighters, and even though they do work, I can’t justify the price difference on a regular basis unless it’s actual magic.

This product from ELF comes in 3 different shades which accommodates just about everyone’s skin tone and undertone. I personally use the lightest color in Moonlight Pearls, because I love the sheen and tones, and also I would look like a New Jersey mess if I were to use the darker colors on my face. But if you have a darker skin tone than I do, they definitely would have deeper tones that would flatter you as well, no problem.

I almost always throw this on my brow bone, inner corner, occasionally my lid, nose, cupids bow and cheek bones. I’m still super into that highlighted look from a year or two ago, and I don’t see it passing any time soon.

The only thing I wish I could change about this product would be a “softer” consistency, because occasionally (especially on a brand new package) I feel like I have to work my brush in the product to get enough on my brush, or find that around my eyes I will wet the brush to get it more adherent to my skin.

But for $4 and that color pay off? S O L D.

BH Cosmetics Classic Blush 10 Color Palette

You can totally tell from the photo that I love this palette. It’s scratched, dinged up and has been loved on for almost a year now. My everyday shade in this palette is this peachy pinky shade (center, bottom row), which is absolutely perfect for my skin tone in my opinion.

I think this palette could be extremely workable for everyone of all skin tones, especially with such a wide range and such highly pigmented shades that are able to be built up or mixed until they’re the tone of your dreams. Especially if you’re into makeup artistry, bridal or event makeup, this would 100% be an affordable product to add to your kit, that actually has really great color payoff without the steep investment of 10 individual blush colors.

I’ve bobbled between a few blush shades since I’ve had this palette, and even still I don’t see myself running out or adding any new blushes to my collection any time soon, thanks to this baby. Love u BH Cosmetics.


BONUS: Pond’s Cold Cream

If you’ve followed me since my days of having my own channel and my beauty guru efforts- aka my skincare routine (cringe), you’ll know how obsessed I am with this product.

This was the first makeup remover I’ve ever tried and by far my favorite. Regardless of this one having it’s time in the sun back in the 1950’s, the way this works is still second to none.

This stuff dissolves waterproof makeup, liquid lipstick, gelled down brows, and eyelash glue like its nothing. A tub this size can last me 2-3 months easily and works wonders for my normal-dry skin.

TRY THIS ONE! This is my all time holy grail, regardless of how old school this product may be, it works like a charm.


I don’t know about you, but I don’t wear lip products every day, unless it’s vaseline and burt’s bees. But when I do wear lipsticks + lipgloss during the week, these are the ones I reach for more than anything else in my collection, and they’re all from the drugstore.


ELF Lip Plumping Gloss

I’ve seen lip plumping products become increasingly popular in the past 2 ish years after Kylie Jenner’s Cosmetic line hit the market, and the Kylie Lip Challenge started to pop up everywhere, and for good reason: they’re A W E S O M E.

This family of Lip Plumping Glosses come in so many different shades and all have the most gorgeous shiny finish. If you’re not into the minty tingle to the lip plumping glosses, this one is a good product to ease yourself into the water with and also doesn’t make your lips huge and dark like other plumpers out there.

My personal favorite shade is a light light pink by the name of Pink Cosmo. Absolutely gorgeous and pairs well with my next favorite lip product I’m about tell you about.

Maybelline COLORSensational Lip Stick

Ta-da! This is my most worn lip product of the year so far. I have a few lipsticks in this line, but my most favorite is shade 655 Darling Nude.

This baby has a soft matte finish, that leaves your lips in that perfect spot of being just barely light pink but not corpse level of orangey nude.

Maybelline totally hit this nail on the head when it comes to their formulation of matte lipsticks here. They’re not drying, they’re soft, they’re wearable, and they’re an absolutely huge range of shades.

This lipstick mixed with my ELF gloss is my go-to lip look for any given occasion: date night, job interview, church, work, you name it. This is my ride or die combo, that both look good together and solo. #lipgoals

Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer

Who knew I liked Maybelline products so much until today? I sure didn’t!

This is my absolute favorite in the liquid lip category. This stuff comes with the best shaped diamond-esc applicator, easy to overline your lips with, and is absolutely so flattering when on.

I love the consistency of this, since it sits somewhere in-between a liquid lip and a thick gloss..that’s not sticky. The best I can do to describe this, is if you literally melted a lipstick and it stayed runny forever: that’s where this one lives. Not too sticky. Not drying. Very pigmented. Extremely weird but awesome? I’m totally on board with this one here.

My go-to shade is #62 in Charmer, and boy oh boy do I turn into a little charmer in this one. Okay not really but wow I love this shade, love this formula, everything. It’s like that little extra that makes me stay feeling myself throughout the day.


Okay guys, if you’re reading this—you made it through my most mouthy post yet: bless you.

If you have any questions or want me to go into even more depth in regards to any of these products or have any favorites of yours that you’d like me to know about, drop me a line down below!

A L S O—this is my first time ever messing around with flat lays and I think I found my new favorite activity ever. Let me know what you think about these curated images in the comments, and if you have any experience with photography or flat lays in general holler at me!

Talk to you guys in my next post here in just a few days!


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