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Favorites Friday: Spring Trends

Favorites Friday: Spring Trends

Hi guys + Happy Friday!

I’ve seen these “Favorites Friday” posts circling around the blog world and I thought this was the P E R F E C T opportunity to share with you all some of my absolute favorite trends for this spring! (Also depending on how you all are liking this post, the possibility of making this a Weekly/Bi-weekly/Monthly post? OR doing a #fashionfriday option? LMK)

This year’s spring trends are some of my favorites I’ve seen, and definitely give some more variety than always wearing florals and white jeans this time of year.


This trend definitely channels the 1950’s and really engages with the vintage trend that’s been HUGE this past year.

This is one of the easiest trends of the spring to follow, since you can find a style, color, dress, shirt, print, etc. that fits your personal style, at whatever price point works best for you and your pocketbook!

I love a good trend that doesn’t have to be revealing (unless you want it to be), since it gives everyone an opportunity to embrace the style.

We stan an inclusive neckline.

Under $20 Square Neck One Piece

Under $20 Square Neckline Sundress

Cuestest Tank Top under $14

N E X T!


Okay this is by far one of my favorite trends of all time since I actually do my hair maybe 3 days a week, and every other day I’m working with that “lived in” look with gym hair aftermath; my baseball hats are my best buds. Until now.

This year we’re seeing mainly two styles of straw hats: smaller and more structured and larger with frayed edges and floppy fit.

I love that with straw hats you can definitely embrace this baby in whatever style works for you. You can use a big + floppy style on vacay this summer, beach side, drinking fancy fruit water. OR you can take this the opposite direction for a more polished and finished straw hat with more structure to wear on the daily.

And for all of you reading this thinking about “I’m not a hat person!”, if you’ve ever wanted to experiment with styles and shapes and materials that look best on your face shape + structure: this is the season to do it. Especially since all of the hats I’m linking are under $30. Boom.

Wide Brim Structured Hat under $30

Floppy Frayed Edge Hat under $20


OKAY sound the alarm, this trend is on FIRE. No, but for real.

If you’re a 90’s baby like I am, you’ll definitely remember this trend being big like 15 years ago. I remember having a clear plastic backpack growing up, and my Barbie’s having clear plastic accessories as well, so when they say that every trend comes back around, I’ve experienced this first hand. And it’s super weird.

I’ve seen clear plastic trends surfacing everywhere over the last year, but this is the first season I’m seeing it everywhere— TJMaxx and Target included.

This is such an easy trend to incorporate into your life, especially by way of swapping out the bag you carry. I just recently picked up the cutest clear option for $14.99 at TJMaxx, so there’s no reason for you to not check this one out.

Clear Acrylic Heart Clasp Cross Body

Messenger Over the Shoulder Clear Bag + Turn Lock


This is by far my favorite spring trend by far as a person who gets extremely lazy when it comes to her hair, and this trend takes minimal to no effort to execute.

We’ve been seeing hats, headbands, barrettes and headscarf’s everywhere, but now we’re seeing even more emphasis on the size and print of the accessory, capitalizing on the boldness of the piece, while also incorporating it to be a daily addition to your hairstyle.

With whatever hair type, texture, color or styles you toggle between, this is an amazing option with tons of variability that everyone can incorporate into their personal style, again like the square necklines.

$5 Pearl Hair Barrettes

15 piece Hair Barrette Set for under $10

Acrylic Alligator Clips 10 piece for under $16


Ahhh, pastels in the springtime, can we say predictable or what?

As much as I am a fan of new trends every season, this is a tried and true style that comes back year after year and we embrace it just as much as we did in years past. Having a repeating trend like this also gives us the opportunity to invest a little bit more in a nicer quality piece that fits the trend, since you can pretty much bank on it being in style for years to come.

With that being said, each year this trend does change just slightly. With different colors being zeroed in on more heavily, and the cut and fit of the pieces changing to fit whatever is currently all the rage. This year we’re seeing a huge emphasis on lavender, with light pink and yellow coming in close behind.

This is definitely the look you want to go for if you’re after those sweet and ladylike vibes, this is a home run for years to come.

Ruffle Trim Romper under $30

Midi Dress also under $30


We’ve been seeing matching sets everywhere for the past 1-2 years at this point, but this trend is going nowhere fast.

This spring’s trends in monochrome bobble more closely between your neutrals like whites, grays, beiges, taupes, with a huge emphasis on the off-whites like cream, oatmeal and linen/tan tones.

Most often we’re seeing this be marketed in two piece sets like skirt, pants and top options, but the options in this categories are endless. Also with as many options as we have in this realm, you have such a wide range of skin tones this caters to as well as coverage level, if you’re wanting to wear this to the beach, graduation parties, weddings or for my 9-5 girlies; office appropriate attire.

This rocks, this is easy, and this gives you two pieces that you can wear together as a set or separately, and is just about as easy as wearing a dress or romper. Makes you look super put together but with minimal trying, and can be paired with so many other trends like clear accessories, statement hair pieces or a straw hat for an overload of style oozing out of your aura.

Alright friends, that’s all of my favorite spring trends for this year! If you’ve tried any of these trends already or if you plan to pick up some new pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe, leave me a comment down below or tag me on Instagram @olivialagunzad so I can see what you came up with! ❤️

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Happy reading friends!



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