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We're Moving?!

We're Moving?!

Hi guys!

Yes, you read that right, WE ARE M O V I N G! (whaaaaaaaaaaaaat)

On May 14th, my cute husband and I will be taking the biggest leap of our life so far, possibly our biggest leap ever: we are moving to TEXAS! Which means we have 20 days to completely pack up our sweet little 2 bedroom apartment and take the 17+ hour, 1,167 mile journey to Pearland, Texas, and start this cool new adventure. And limited time to practice my yee haws and “everything’s bigger” mantra.

Most of you have known about the big move for a little while now, since we found out in the end of January we would be moving ourselves. And now we're in the last leg of this move; our two-weeks notices have been turned in at our jobs, we're finalizing travel plans, deciding what stuff we're going to store, what we're going to sell and so on. BASICALLY a lot is happening, we’re living in a sea of orange boxes and it seems like every day we get a one decision closer to being all ready to go.

But maybe I should back track and tell you WHY we're actually moving if you don’t already know: my awesome hubby, Lance, has worked incredibly hard to get into an anesthesiology assisting program over the past year, and he was ACCEPTED into a very respected program based out of Houston! (hallelujer!) There are only 13 programs in the country that offer this education, so we are so excited to spend the next couple of years in Texas, where he'll be pursuing his dream career, and we’ll be truly on our own now for the first time!

I think this is a pretty special experience to share with you, and to document for ourselves, while taking this huge step in our life together. With being married only 6 months, at 22 and 23 years old, moving across the country, with our two horse sized dogs, no furniture (did I mention that? :,) ), an air mattress, packing all of our belongings within a Civic + the trunk of a Corolla; we absolutely are right there with you while you’re thinking that we’re crazy. Because we’ve thought that too. More than a few times.

I think we would be false to say we're not intimidated about starting over for many reasons, or that this isn't bittersweet, because it is. If you would have told me even a few months ago we would be moving with so few items, to a new city where we know nobody, all by ourselves, I think I would honestly P A N I C (which I have, but we're kind of THRIVING now, and I’m actually feeling cleansed internally by this huge unhaul. I am also very painfully trying to get with this whole minimalist mentality… it’s a stretch for me, but I have so much respect for people who don’t get attached to stuff now—on another level.)

To come full circle though, I wanted to start this blog with a little life update about us moving, packing our house up, driving down to the big TX, starting our new southern life with our doggos, spreading our wings (for real) for the first time. Flying solo, together. If he’s a bird I’m a bird, right? :)

So long term this blog will entail so much more than diary entries, but I do know right now I think this is a really cool thing that I want to remember, and if you want to continue to follow along, hang on for the ride!

Hope you all have had an awesome week so far! Check out some of my more bloggy posts if you’d like, in the meantime I’ll be working on my next Lagunzad’s go cross country update for you!💛


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