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OOTD: Easy Breezy Springtime Look

OOTD: Easy Breezy Springtime Look

Hi guys!

+Happy Weekend!

Today we’re on day 4 of living in Houston, so the past week life has been a blur! Between two days of driving, cleaning every surface of our home, dealing with a broken AC system and Wifi install issues which took almost 8-9 hours to be installed, we’re finally starting to get settled into this empty house and our new routine here in the South.

For today’s post, we’re keeping it short + sweet with a good, homegrown, old fashioned O O T D !

In all honestly I felt like a million bucks in this outfit, especially when my duster would be swept away by the wind—amazing.

For an outfit to work for me I have a few criteria that it has to pass through before it gets the OK from me: flattering, comfortable and I have to feel confident in it. If it’s any situation where I have to constantly tug down, walk funny, sit weird, pull up or otherwise—it’s a no from me. Practical, bold and casual pieces are my favorite and what I usually gravitate towards, making this fit a slam dunk for me.


I know kimonos are a super old trend that’s modified and changed throughout the years but still managed to stick around. I love this duster that gives me total kimono vibes except with a little tie in the front!

My favorite thing about this outfit is how it actually looks super fancy + like I tried super hard, but underneath this duster I’m wearing the most basic outfit of all time. It’s all a lie.

Here I paired my duster with jeans and a white bodysuit and wedges, but honestly I would totally bring this on vacation and wear it over a swimsuit as a cover up, or over jean shorts and tennies would be right up my alley.

A L S O —some fun and exciting news: I’m now on Like To Know It! (#LTK but I’m so excited) This basically lets you shop any of the pieces I wear in my Instagram photos just by clicking a link, or screenshotting the photo and uploading it into the LTK app you can find me! (@olivialagunzad) I’m such a huge bargain hunter so if you’re looking for affordable options to your favorite options, definitely keep tabs on my IG! (@olivialagunzad if you’re not already following!)

On this photo on LTK I’m still getting the hang of things, so if I couldn’t find the exact item I would link a similar/brand comparable dupe for it!

Hope you all have the best weekend! Keep your eyes wide open on some home decorating posts coming next week! 💗



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