Olivia Lagunzad

Home is Where Your Doormat is

Olivia Lagunzad
Home is Where Your Doormat is

Hey guys and happy J U L Y !

long time no talk, for real. This post would have been up a whole week earlier if I would have anything to do with it, but one thing lead to another and I’ve been unable to access my account for the past week. no need to dwell on the negatives of why this is so far past due, because here we are now. back in business. let us begin.

So it’s been six weeks to the day since we made the move down here. 42 days give or take have totally changed our life, which is so weird to think about.

So many things have changed from the obvious stuff like being away from friends and family, to having a new daily routine, new job, new school, new Kroger, to the not so obvious like learning how to use a different washer and dryer, learning how to pay tolls and being billed tolls that you ran and how to pay those too. Long story short, Texas has changed us so much already.

But recently it started to actually feel like home here, like referring to this place as our h o m e.

A lot is still a work in progress, like hanging decor on the walls, printing out photos of family and friends for our frames, finding out exactly how to store all of our stuff in this new place and finding our new favorite spots or go to places. But it’s slowly but surely coming together.

Lets flash back to about 3 years ago so I can tell you a story, of my first apartment I lived in on my own in college, back in Cincinnati.

One weekend in the end of April 2017, I was moving out of my college dorm into my own apartment for the first time. And this show was ran by your favorite duo: my mom and I.

We worked hard and fast when moving in to my first apartment. We moved furniture up three flights of old school, clifton-house, antique german stairs which were so narrow and a nightmare if someone was passing you in the opposite direction, those stairs were a one way. We carried in boxes of dishes, groceries, clothes, bathroom supplies, you name it we moved it in. #girlpower

During the first few days I lived at this new apartment I bought a lot of necessities to make it feel more homey, one of them being a doormat, just like the one pictured here.

This is the cutest doormat of all time in my eyes, and is just very “ohio” if I do say so myself. I got this doormat to put outside my unit door inside my building, where there were 5 total apartments in the whole place.

A few weeks later, one day I stepped right out of my apartment and on to old, bare, ugly green carpet: not my doormat.

I frantically looked around the whole building, hallway and front door, and this thing was nowhere to be found. I told my mom and sister and they had no idea why it wouldn’t be there anymore other than if the building rental company might have removed it because it didn’t align with their guidelines. So of course, I reached out to my rental company, and I vividly remember speaking to a very clueless and confused woman about my doormat and how she had no idea of it’s whereabouts, where I am of course seeing red and asking every question in the book to try to get to the bottom of this. Detective status was on, full blown, I was pulling my inspector gadget/mary kate and ashley mini sister deceive sleuth skills on her, but to no avail. The doormat was gone.

If only this was where the story ended.

If you met me you know I’m a bit dramatic and emotional. Sue me. But the mix of those two personality traits with my frustration towards this crook tipped me off the deep end. I did the unthinkable: wrote a strongly worded note on a piece of paper and thumb tacked it to the hallway landing. And then I waited.

Out of this building, there were only a few units. None of which had a doormat outside there door, and none of which I knew the tenants. I lived on the top floor of three, and there was only one other tenant who passed my unit on the daily to access their room. So obviously they were suspect number one, and almost the only one.

So here I go, knocking on these girl’s door, messaging the old tenants of my unit to try to find out the dirt on these girls in #5, spying on them through my peep hole so I could catch them when they were home and nothing. These girls were on to me fro the first second I met them. They knew my tricks and dodged every single one of them and alas, these jokers alluded my grasp every time. I know right, I was THAT neighbor and I had no shame. All a girl wanted was her doormat back.

I knocked on these girl’s doors so many times and nothing, never an answer, never a response, nothing.

As time went on, I never gave up hope, but I also never found this doormat. Sigh. All I wanted was a cute doormat, is that too much to ask? Apparently it was for Clifton.

But this is not where my relationship with this doormat ends, oh no no no. I promised myself I would buy this doormat again in my next apartment. And so I did.

Only a few months later, I bought this doormat for a second time, and put it right outside the door where it belonged for the last two years, that same doormat in that same style, has stayed right where I put it, just like it should

So when it came to moving down to Houston, it was a no brainer to continue the tradition to continue to prove my point by buying this doormat for a third time to stick outside of my apartment so the legacy can live on.

Now I feel like even though I do love this doormat, now I have to always have one at any house I live in, even just for tradition. And to remind me of how hot and bothered I was about this, and what extensive lengths I went to to find this doormat. Doing recon on my college neighbors. Being a middle aged woman and writing a mean note and tacking it to my hallway? College me needs to have a seat honestly.

But now it’s my thing, I love this cute little doormat and I love that it makes me feel homey, like a little final (but not final) touch to our place down here.

If you’re looking for a point to this story, honestly there isn’t one. Other than to maybe make you smile or laugh, or next time you see a doormat to think of this story and my weird quirk of always wanting this doormat around.

Next time you come to my house, keep your eyes peeled for this bad boy, because he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.