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12 things no one told me about weight loss

12 things no one told me about weight loss

12 things no one told me about weight loss:⁣

✖️quick fixes don’t create a long term result⁣
✖️not everyone will understand your commitment⁣
✖️your body won’t look like you imagined it would⁣
✖️doing abs every time you work out isn’t actually going to give you abs⁣
✖️you can do everything right and still not loose a single pound⁣
✖️losing weight doesn’t equal happiness⁣
✖️weighing less doesn’t equal self love⁣
✖️you’ll definitely have cravings⁣
✖️everything you thought you knew about weight loss is unrealistic (especially if you’re comparing your goals to TV shows)⁣
✖️you’ll start looking at your bathroom scale as a progress tracker and not your arch nemesis⁣
✖️weight loss isn’t a straight line⁣
✖️all of your wildest physique dreams are absolutely possible with hard work and patience⁣

If you’re on this weight loss ride, have been, still are, going to be or will be again, you know that it’s not easy.⁣

But have you ever heard anyone say that they regret their transformation? Or do you hear them say that they regret not doing it sooner? ⁣

If you’re on your own journey right now just know that you are KILLING it sister ✨ Remember that choosing yourself and working on your goals every day MATTERS. Changing your life is TOUGH but it is 110% worth it. ⁣


YOU GOT THIS GIRL 💃🏼 go level up today my friends 🤘🏼⁣ (also yes my gym has a trash bag corner because they were doing construction ok 😂)