nice to meet you!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Olivia Wells Lagunzad and this is my online diary where I document all things from lifestyle and beauty, to fashion and home decorating. I have always kept a journal throughout my life, and used it as a way to remember important events and express how I was feeling at that time.

After filling far too many notebooks with thoughts and ideas in physical journals, I have decided to grow into an online format, where I can document my journey as a twenty-something wife and woman trying to understand this crazy thing we call life.

I currently live in Ohio with my husband Lance and our two dogs, Jax and Rue, but come May 2019 we will be making the move to Texas! When I am not spending time with my husband and family, I am most likely at the gym, reading a book, or working on my blog.

The best piece of advice I have been given, is to create a life where you never have to ‘work’ because you enjoy what you do so much. Writing this blog already has been such a joy to me and I am so thankful to my readers for giving me the opportunity to do what I love everyday.

Here I will share with you my daily thoughts, health + fitness tips, home and style ideas. Wether it be from my more personal posts about my life and marriage or my beauty posts, I hope this blog inspires you to learn something new, express yourself through your style and to celebrate what makes you unique.